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For Buyers

For almost everyone, buying a home or a commercial property is the biggest investment you'll ever make.

Completing a thorough and professional inspection with Thurston & Son Home Inspections is your insurance policy and peace-of-mind that you'll know ahead of time exactly what you're purchasing.

No property is perfect. Having us provide you with a detailed inspection report allows you to evaluate your choices and make a smart business decision about the proper price to pay. Your decision is based on fact, not emotion or guessing. Contact us today to for the information you need on the biggest purchase of your life.

Thurston & Son Home Inspection. Residential and commercial. Interior and exterior. Family owned and operated. Orange, Rockland, Putnam, Westchester & Sullivan Counties, New York.
van Counties, New York

For Sellers

Be prepared and pro-active when listing your home for sale. Clients are often shocked when they receive the home inspection report issued by the potential buyer’s home inspector. In many of the cases, sales are even canceled due to the poor condition of the home. Having your home inspected by a certified inspector of your choice is a great way to identify and repair any issues your home may have, prior to placing it on the market. If fixing the issues is not in your budget, you, or your listing agent, may use the knowledge you’ve acquired through our report, to disclose the “problems’ in your home, and to negotiate a higher sales price from your home.

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